Grocery Adventures

July 30, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

store display of stacked large containers of Tang drink mix

It is almost Ramadan and time to stock up on the traditional drink, Tang, in family size.

a box of pastries with Mickey Mouse on it

I’m fairly certain that Disney is not aware that Americana is using Mickey to sell pastries.

Kraft cheddar cheese in cans

Canned cheese (a long term tradition according to this shot from the Dubai Museum.)

grocery aisle sign that says edible oil and ghee

Only in an OPEC country would you need to make this distinction. And, if you’ve never heard of ghee, it is a solid oil product, either animal or vegetable based, like shortening. Ghee is used in Indian foods.


One comment

  1. Edible oil! Giggle snort!

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