Rosie the Robot

August 8, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Due to the small space in our kitchen allotted laundry machinery, we have a single machine that both washes and dries clothes.

close up of dials on the machine

This is a new experience. I don’t think these are sold in the States. It takes a very long running time to dry clothes. It also does a thorough job of wrinkling everything. It appears I will be ironing all my outer clothes.

close up of the laundry cycle list


  1. it is a Pre-Rosie! The real Rosie wouldn’t wrinkle your clothes!

  2. There’s an iron on it. . . doesn’t that mean it irons too? We had that type of machine in Hungary, but it was an eternal process. The good things was you could wash and dry your clothes while you were gone.

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