Teeth al Dente

August 10, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

We were checking out another discount store when I discovered these gems.

blue box of candy with cartoon teeth on it

How could I not buy such an appetizing item. I had to see just what these candy teeth were. At 10 AED ($2.70 USD) it seemed like a cheap enough experiment.

individual bag of soft candies shaped like teeth and gums

Inside the box were 24 individual bags of 9 or 10 pieces. They are gummy gums (sorry, I couldn’t resist). They are softer than gummy bears and actually quite tasty. I rather like them. Also, notice that they are halal.



  1. Ok, I’ll bite (HAA!) What’s halal???

    • Halal is comparable to kosher. Literally, it means “lawful.” With regard to food, it means that there are no pork products involved and any animal (in this case beef gelatin) was slaughtered in a specific way.

      • Meant to ask earlier, is gelatin in the US made with Pork? I remember hearing horse, but now I don’t know. And I hate to admit I told a Muslim student that jello didn’t have pork in it. I have to pray for forgiveness if that’s wrong.

      • You may have to do some praying. It’s best to check the package ingredients list. I’m not sure if they disclose the presence of pork, but if it specifically says “beef” then you are in the clear. Seems like it might be time for a post on the “pork section” in the grocery stores. You would be amazed at what is in the pork section.

  2. looks like something you would find in one of our stores!! candy teeth-lips, bears, worms, fish, skeletons…except for the lips, all the rest are gummy. I like how there is a toothbrush on the packaging…… to remind one to do that after eating?

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