Exploring Fujairah: Part 1

August 29, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

I have the week off for Eid, so  no work this week, just work around the house and fun. Saturday was spent twiddling my thumbs while the Ikea delivery men assembled our new wardrobes, book cases and kitchen table. Sunday was spent ignoring all the unpacking, cleaning and rearranging necessary after this influx of furniture. So, when Monday rolled around, I decided we should get out for a drive and see things we’ve never seen and take pictures of whatever we come across. Our route was rather complex, looping around and doubling back. I’m going to publish it in multiple posts, so hang in there.

First, Al Hayl Castle:

small three story tower and courtyard

This small fort is southwest of Fujairah city. The way is well indicated by signs, easy to find. (Click here for more info about the castle.) The caretaker was eager to give us a tour. He is Bangladeshi and his English is quite limited. He insisted on taking pictures of us posing in several locations.

crazy people who write this blog

He included his finger in most of the pictures, so I will just post this one.

very narrow stairs with a lodge pole handrail

DaddyBird was very brave and went up these stairs to see the second story. I did not. They are very narrow and the steps are very tall and the handrail is very wobbly.

arrow hole in a wall

And what castle doesn’t have a few holes through which to shoot arrows?

a man's arm stretched out in front of the camera pointing to the right

Here is a picture of our guide. Despite the fact that I was taking a picture, he felt compelled to point something else out to me.

view of a valley with palm trees

This is the view of the valley from the watchtower.

sloped depressions in the floor leading to a drain

This is the floor of what the caretaker told us was the store room. He said that they would put apples here and that the juice would drain down. That would not have been my guess.

small lizard blending in on the wall

This little lizard was quite well camouflaged.

We tipped the caretaker 10 AED for his trouble, but he was not impressed with this amount. So, if you go and get his tour, you might want to more generous than we were.

You can see all the pictures here.

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