Goats and Donkeys and Bears, Oh My!

September 1, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Okay, there are no bears, but there are plenty of goats and donkeys just roaming around, nibbling on whatever they can find.

three goats at side of the road

a tan donkey standing at the side of the road

Donkeys come in a range of colors from light tan to black. They usually travel in pairs.

black donkey standing in the shade of a bush

And sheep, too! In the background is the Ohala Fort/Castle. (Alternate spelling Wahla or Wahala) This is close to the Oman border.

sheep with the Ohala Castle in the background

It is amazing that they find anything to eat in this harsh environment, but they do.


  1. I wondered where the bears were going to be! I was pretty sure it wasn’t bares, but it made ya look! lol

  2. Be very careful what you wish for http://goo.gl/424CU !

    • Cartoon bears are welcome and immune to the harsh desert environment.

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