Exploring Fujairah: Part 3

September 2, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

This episode is about Wadi Al Helo, which is actually part of the Sharjah emirate, not Fujairah, but was part of our road trip. (Alternate spellings include Hilo, Helou, Halou)

We’ve driven through Wadi Al Helo several times, because it is on the Sharjah-Kalba road, but this time we actually got off the road to take a closer look.

distant view of an artificial plateau topped with white houses

Wadi Al Helo has a long history of habitation back to the early bronze age and is an archaeological site. In recent years, there has been some major work done as evidenced by at least three hillsides that have been carved out to form terraces where modern houses have been built.

white houses on a plateau

We drove up onto one of these terraces and found exactly what we expected, a pleasant neighborhood with a mosque.

white houses up close

There are several government buildings in Wadi Al Helo, but we did not see any retail businesses. There must be at least one grocery, but we did not come across it.

valley containing date palm trees

Below the terraces, in the valley, are farms and palm groves.

valley containing animal pens

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