A Drive Along the Border

September 4, 2011

mountain in background, green trees in foreground

This picture was taken near Ohala (Wahala). I’ve lived in very rainy, verdant places and in semi-arid desert areas. I find that there is a beauty to every variation of nature. Even this dry, rocky terrain is beautiful.

Our circuitous route on our Monday drive took us near the Oman border.

mountain and stone quarry in distance

We had a debate about this fence as to whether it is the Oman border or not. DaddyBird argues that is it for something else, a restricted area of some kind. The map supports his position.

border fence

In the 21st century, this is what checking the map looks like.

hand holding a smart phone

Well, that is the last post resulting from our one afternoon road trip last Monday. Hope you enjoyed it.



  1. Hehe, made me smile at your need to check.

    We had been driving around lately too and still appreciate the Hajar mountains.

    I’ve seen two border fences between Oman and UAE but the photos seem far for me to see. Do they have barbed wires on both sides up?

  2. hello daddybird and kanga-thank you for visiting MYB. Welcome to the UAE. This is a beautiful country and I am sure you will fall in love with it like many of us. your post are beautiful and insightful.

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