Small Proofs of Globalization

September 10, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Today’s grocery discovery was Shasta brand sodas. Of all the American soda/cola products this is one I didn’t expect to see.

cans on top grocery shelf

We picked up a few other interesting sodas.

Barr cream soda, A & W root beer, Old Jamaica ginger beer, Idris fiery ginger beer

Barr American Cream Soda comes from Glasgow and claims to be “refreshing the nation.” The graphic reminds me more of a bar of soap than a refreshing drink, however. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer “with fiery Jamaican root ginger” comes from Kegworth, England. Idris Fiery Ginger Beer comes from Chelmsford, England with the challenge to “try it if you dare.” (It’s not fiery. Even I don’t think so and I’m pretty wimpy.) Our old friend A&W Root Beer comes from New Jersey (and as we discovered previously smells like surgical spirit.)



  1. Where did you find? Old Jamaican??

    • Unfortunately, I don’t remember. Also, finding it once doesn’t guarantee finding in the same store next time.

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