Reptile Talk

September 24, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Last July we were having lunch in the Thai Express and overheard the conversation of the men sitting at another table. It’s a small restaurant and it is rare to hear an American accent, so we couldn’t help but notice. The conversation topic seemed to be mostly “snakes of Arizona,” so we also found that an odd thing to hear in Fujairah. The September issue of Fujairah Observer explained it all. “World Renowned Reptile Specialists Visit the Wadi.”

magazine article explaining that two reptile specialists were in the area looking for the Gallagher's leaf-toed gecko

“In June 2011, Wadi Wurayah received the visit of two reptiles and amphibian specialists: Researcher Theodore J. Papenfuss form the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, and his assistant, Todd Pierson, University of Georgia, USA. … they spotted a tiny gecko on the gravel bed of the wadi: the Gallagher’s leaf-toed gecko (Asaccus gallagheri).”



  1. so, is this gecko unusual? Why did it create chat? Other than the fact that gecko’s are just FUN critters to keep around. Maybe Oliver would like one?

  2. although, I see from a read over, the two were discussing snakes more than geckos. But, I digress…

  3. I appreciate the confession of eaves dropping. I was in the Amsterdam airport on my 1st trip to Europe (1988) and was sitting at the table at McDonald’s with 2 guys talking about sheep and the breakthrough they had in England that they believed would be the answer to infertility. I’ve always suspected they were talking about Dolly & cloning. You never know what you’ll hear in restaurants!

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