Grocery Store Discoveries

October 7, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

rocky road ice cream

Rocky Road Ice Cream – and there was the sound of angels singing…

various packaged snack foods

Fudgee Bars, which come in “vanilla jolt,” “mocha rage,” “milky craze,” and “durian delight” flavors. The size and packaging led us to wonder if these were like Twinkies, but no, they are not that squishy or lacking in nutrition. Cupp Keyk takes brand misspelling to a new height. Kat Kat Tat doesn’t sound very appetizing to me.

package of Quaker oats for rice

Quaker seems to have thought of everything. Oats to put in your rice, because not just any ol’ oats will do.

Discoveries at other stores:

plastic toy, bunny with wings

Pega-bunny jumps over the moon!

plungers with handles shaped like women

These kinds of things always stick out like sore thumbs to us. Apparently, no one is concerned about sexualized toilet plungers.


  1. Where did you go shopping, Karla – these are cool. Did you try the strange looking chocolate-y stuff?

  2. OK, the Kat Kat Tat bars and the plungers are just a bit out of beyond! shudder.

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