Right Place at the Right Time

October 8, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

You have to be in the right place at the right time. We were driving down the corniche (beach road) when we happened upon a parade.

a parade led by men on horseback

The road was blocked for the parade, so it took us a while to drive around and get back to the park so we could find out what was happening at this event.

easels containing pictures of cultural activities

There were pictures of traditional activities – games, fishing, pearl sorting, camels, races, etc.

boys playing a one legged game

Some boys were playing a game in which they hop on one foot and use their free hand to try to unbalance their opponent. Also, there were young men performing traditional dance.

model of a traditional home

There were dioramas of traditional homes, children at school and play, and caravans. In another display area, a fisherman was mending nets.

easel displaying a picture of two men

There were several historical pictures from the early years of the Emirates.

two camels

Camels probably don’t need a lot of explanation.

horse and rider carrying the national flag

Several horsemen circled the exhibit area.

dark cloudy sky

The weather took a turn for the dark and thunder cloudy.

sign in Arabic

“Emirates Heritage Club” and “Heritage Caravans”

sign indicating Emirates Heritage Club and heritage caravans

There was little rain on the corniche, just “sprinkles,” but when we got back over to the side of town where we live, we found large puddles, so clearly there had been a short squall.

We would have enjoyed the rain, but, all in all, we were glad to be in the right place at the right time to catch this cultural event.



  1. Fun! At least you weren’t trying to go somewhere important. We ended up IN a parade in Glasgow. We turned a corner and drove right into the middle of it. I’m sure I would have preferred to watch it 😉
    And on another note, have you learned to read Arabic? Do you carry a translator like all of my Chinese students have? Just curious.

    • Haven’t learned to read Arabic and don’t have a translator gadget. Just posted the picture and asked Twitter friends to translate.

  2. street fairs are fun, glad you found one to visit!

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