Thar be Rain Here!

October 12, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

I finally got to enjoy a rain storm here in Fujairah. It happened suddenly at approximately 2:30 pm. Lightning, thunder, and torrents of rain for a goodly while. It was still raining, although more gently at 3:50 when I left work.

Sand is not as absorbant as you would think. Basically, the top few inches get soaked and then turn into temporary cement, so this results in a lot of water not being absorbed causing large puddles.

rain flooded street

A flooded roundabout is a special kind of lake. (Sorry, no picture.) It slows people down, but doesn’t really improve their roundabout manners.


One comment

  1. that sort of rain can happen here, too–the ground in EO is NOT anything like the stuff on the coast and it is gicky. Walking in it is horrid, too. The mud, I mean. It adheres to your shoes and it is like wearing cement boots. I fully understood that ‘mob’ phrase when we moved here. You know, the one about swimming in cement shoes? BUT, am glad you got some cooler weather. Or does it cool much when it rains over there?

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