Bithnah Fort

October 15, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

restored fort

Saturday afternoon we visited the Bithnah Fort…

city at the far side of a dry river bed

which is across a wadi from the town of Al Bithnah…

date palm tree farm and mountains behind

and surrounded by date palm farm.

stone building covered in scaffolding

Restoration is still in process.

stone work in a flower design

The restoration includes decorative stonework and woodwork.

wooden door

stone wall

I hope they don’t cover this wall in plaster. It is beautiful, as is.

old rusted Mobil oil barrel that is now part of a water well

This Mobil oil barrel probably didn’t expect to end up part of a water well.

red mountains in the late afternoon sun

The mountains are quite beautiful.

Al Bithnah is between Fujairah and Masafi. The fort can be seen from the highway. It is a short drive with good signage, BUT the road is not paved and goes through the wadi. We made it with our compact car, but had to drive very carefully because it is very rough roadway.



  1. Looks very nice. I hope that I can go see it soon myself.

  2. I hope you are well, but I am worried.

    No reference whatsoever to food………….

  3. The fort didn’t have snacks, it appears. Just water! And I agree, the wall is lovely as is the door-

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