Joys of New Construction

October 17, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

You might think that moving into a brand new building would have advantages. Living in an apartment that no one else has lived in before sounds attractive. However, when you ask if it is “move in ready” and are told “yes” you may find a difference in definitions of “move in ready.” Our apartment was covered in and permeated by dirt.

There’s also the fact that construction may not really be completed. Two floors of our building had to be completely remodeled to suit the business that will be moving in. Also, the air conditioning throughout the building is being revamped, because it turned out to not be up to the challenge. This resulted in:

mound of garbage in the parking garage

The mound of garbage has fluctuated up and down, but has been in our parking garage for weeks. Yesterday, we were shocked to see this:

clean parking garage

Getting in and out of our parking space is much easier now that mound isn’t creeping out in to the drive lane.



  1. There is no pleasing of you, is there? 😉

    • Comes from hanging out with bad company.

  2. what an absolute mess that was! glad it got tidied up-it would have driven me nuts!

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