At Your Inconvenience

October 22, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

I really miss American residential laws that require that a tenant be given 24 hour notice before the landlord or any repairmen can enter the apartment. We have been having a long string of disruptions as additional duct work, wiring, etc., related to the air conditioning is done. Apparently, it must all be done in separate phases. Add to this the fact that the workmen just show up at the door and expect to come in and make a mess and break your stuff.

salt and pepper shakers shaped like birds and a salt shaker shaped like a slice of bread

[White Love Bird salt shaker became collateral damage of the last repairmen visit. Now Pepper Bird has taken up with Toast salt shaker who was widowed in our emigration. Toaster didn’t make it onto the ark.]

Never mind that today we were planning on going into Dubai to visit friends and I had a long list of errands I wanted to do. We had no way of knowing how long the workers would be doing whatever it is they were doing today. They finally left at 7:30 pm. We should never have answered the door.



  1. You both were missed yesterday. Hope its all sorted now!

  2. that just seems RUDE! Am sorry for the changes in relationships in the china dept.

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