What is wrong with this picture?

November 14, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

There are at least two things wrong in the picture below.

rectangular white plate with two pork cutlets, asparagus, baked potato, herb butter.

The two pork cutlets are the only things undeniably right. They were a good size and delicious. The herb butter was tasty, although I don’t put it on the pork, because I think that’s just over doing it. My only complaint about the asparagus would be that I can eat three times that much because I love asparagus.

The two glaringly wrong things, in case you haven’t deduced them yourself, are the rectangular plate and tiny, tiny baked potato. This meal was served in a pub, a supposedly British pub. That is not a pub plate. That is a foo foo fancy restaurant plate (and a foo foo food presentation as well). As for the potato, I would gladly have traded one of my cutlets for a decent sized potato, or three of those little ones. We are frequently at this restaurant, so I will have to remember this experience when ordering next time. It doesn’t really make sense, because meat is always more expensive than potatoes. It also doesn’t make sense to have such an artsy food presentation in a pub. Pub food should be a hearty plateful for the working man. Of course, being Dubai, this pub is in a hotel, so not exactly working man territory.


One comment

  1. maybe they are baby potatoes???????? I truly did a triple take on that one, though!

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