Random Words on T-Shirts

December 6, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

We haven’t posted crazy t-shirts in a while and found a few gems while shopping this evening, so here’s a fresh batch:

yellow t-shirt

“Chan meal love best beateliful things mahe thin feel good” – If you say so.

pink t-shirt with sewn on black bra and fringe

This is for that layered look that never gets old or tacky.

grey t-shirt picturing a bicycle built for two

This one says “Employd women wieh infane children face, dilemma of whether tokeep” The best I can make out of that is “employed women with infant children face a dilemma of whether to keep.” Why would anyone want such a depressing message on their shirt? What are they deciding to keep/not keep – the children or the job?

playboy bunny images over the words 'playboy'

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of Playboy imagery there is here.

red t-shirt with Pluto the dog

Apparently, the young Pluto started out with Shopmark before he was picked up by Disney.



  1. I think the one in the second picture is used in airplanes and at sea. It’s a life jacket. Far fetched idea: they should inflate on impact 🙂

  2. am sort of speechless-but like the life jacket comment. The scariest part? I could see this over here worn by kids and ladies NOT in Walmart!

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