Curry House

December 11, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

storefront of the Curry House restaurant

We recently had dinner at the Curry House (in Fujairah) an Indian, Arabian, Chinese restaurant. This combination is advantageous for us, because DaddyBird can have his food spicy and I can order non-spicy dishes.

textile wall hanging

1970’s decor is alive and well.

two metal bowls and ketchup packets

Condiments for the international menu include soy sauce, chili pepper sauce and ketchup. Ketchup (or catsup) seems to be the global condiment. We find it everywhere. I think sushi restaurants are the only places we haven’t been offered ketchup.

plates and dishes of food

I had garlic chicken, chappati (flat bread) and salted lassi (yogurt drink) and DaddyBird had three spicy dishes with plain appam (pan bread) and tea. All this cost us 66 AED ($18.00 US)

When we ordered, the waiter asked about spiciness and we were able to explain that my dishes should not be spicy at all and DaddyBird’s should be very spicy. We will definitely be going back regularly.



  1. Is it on a map anywhere?

    • It’s actually marked on Google maps. Feel free to look it up.

    • Curry House on Google: http://j.mp/uy5ILa

      A great place! There are quite a few good “men’s club” around Fujairah too! No shortage of great, inexpensive food!

  2. love the idea you can choose your flavor bling.

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