Fujairah Celebrations Continue

December 12, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

three camels and people observing

The Al Saif sword competition and accompanying celebrations continue through December 17th. So, last Friday we headed down to the Fort to see what was happening. We were too late to see the bull butting contest or the camel race, but some of the camels were still out basking in the attention of their admirers.

man and small boy riding a camel

This little fellow was lucky enough to get a ride.

meat on skewers

We had a tasty snack of lamb and chicken skewers.

pottery, platters, coffee pots and other traditional items

A wide range of traditional items were on display – pottery, tools, platters, coffee pots, etc.

two camels laying down

More camels – these are taking a rest. In the background, a horse and a miniature pony who have been giving rides to children.

men resting in a tent

Two majlis tents were available for those wishing to sit, rest and enjoy each other’s company. (Majlis has a variety of meanings, but generally refers to any area where people sit comfortably and discuss.)

The activities at the Fort have been very enjoyable, much like a county fair. These are genuine foods, activities, sports, and arts of the local area.



  1. you said there were two resting sites. Was one for the men and one for the women?

    • The were both open to anyone, but people tend to segregate. The other tent was being used by a family.

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