Athens, Greece: Day One

December 17, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

street lined with mandarine trees

Here’s a view out of our window. The street is lined with mandarine trees. The streets are narrow and parking on both sides restricts traffic to one lane.

public "square"

Our apartment looks out over a “square” with a small park.


Across the Agios Gogorgiou Square (the round park) is a church dedicated to Saint George.

a round park

The park full of pigeons.

front of the church at night

St. George Church at night.

canaloni, Greek salad, chicken, artichoke hearts

Here is our first Greek meal experience. This is at a restaurant in the building next to our apartment building. I had chicken and artichoke hearts. DaddyBird had canaloni. In the center is a lovely Greek salad with amazingly ripe tomatoes. Very delicious and it cost 16 Euros ($21.00). The restaurant owner recognized right off that we were English speakers and asked another customer to speak to us about what we wanted to eat. However, the owner knew “beef,” “chicken,” “soup,” “canaloni,” “artichoke,” and “salad” so we communicated well enough.



  1. Oh I so loved Athens! I believe your place is about 8-10 blocks east of where we stayed (55 Kolokotroni Street) Yum! and fun. Can’t wait to see all the places you’ll explore. We saw a tour bus get stuck trying to make a turn on one of these single lane streets. The news people were there and if the cars and buildings weren’t enough of a problem, the crowd it drew made it one crazy day. The bus wasn’t there the next time we walked by, so they got it out somehow. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Linda, we’re actually about 20 blocks north of that, in the Kypseli district, just a short walk north of Pedion Areos park. It’s a crowded working class district and the side of a city that we really love to see. And still it’s just a few minutes away from the tourist/historical areas. In fact, we’re only about 10 or 12 blocks from the archeological museum! The narrow streets here are crowded with tons of little local restaurants that we can’t wait to try.
    We’ve getting a lot of practical tips from one of the best travel sites I’ve ever seen: http://www.athensguide.com/
    I just found the site the other day, but I wish I had found it sooner; it’s so packed with great info that I could have been mining it for weeks!
    Only been here a few hours and it’s already been wonderful! The people we have interacted with have all been so nice, and English tolerant. (I’ve been trying to learn some Greek, but it hasn’t been sticking very well yet. I suppose that will improve with some immersion.)
    But, yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to drive around here! If I lived here, I’d stick to public transportation!

  3. wow you two are seeing such cool places and eating such yummy food

    • Yep! The neighborhood we’re staying in is pretty marvelous! Have lots of places to check out yet!

  4. The two furry things are still walking around, so I am doing the job correctly!

    Bloody freezing wind coming onto the corner balcony, my smoking spot 😦

    • Those furry things will beguile you yet! 😉

      Yeah, the wind tends to leak through the windows and doors too. I still need to do more weather-proofing.

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