Athens, Greece: Day Two

December 18, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

narrow street bordered by 5 story apartment buildings

We wondered through the neighborhood…

small church surrounded by apartment buildings

…until we found a small souvlaki restaurant near this church.

Our intent was to have a small lunch, but the menu was all in Greek and we didn’t realize that the owner spoke English, so we pointed at the pictures in the menu and this is what we ended up with. Slightly more than a small lunch. Souvlaki is made very much like shwarma, but this happened to be pork.

two plates full of grilled meat, fries, bread, salad

We found the Victoria metro train station (nearest to our apartment) and took the train to the Monastiraki station.

church made from pieces of Greek ruins

This church seems to have been assembled out of parts of various other buildings.

street musicians, latino

I didn’t expect to hear street musicians singing in Spanish, but the day was full of unexpected delights.

the Acropolis as seen from the square in front of the metro station

When I turned around, there in the distance was the Acropolis. I was not prepared for this sight. It brought tears to my eyes. It brought the old Biblical Studies major and wannabe archaeologist in me to the surface.

store offering a stuffed aligator, guitar, typewriter, and a variety of other odds and ends

We walked through the flea market. (Anyone need a stuffed aligator?)

a bottle of Mythos beer and a full glass of red wine

We stopped for a drink and small snack…

Greek temple on a hill

…with the Temple of Hephaestus in sight.

two black and two grey stray cats

We finally found out where the stray cats were hanging out. They have been conspicuously missing prior to this.

Now that we have found and tested the metro train transportation, we’ll be able to get an earlier start and get up close and personal with a few temples in the next few days.

I will be posting all pictures to this album
If you have difficulty accessing, let me know and I will find another option.


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  1. So you rent an apartment and eat out every where, is there no good home-cooking available?

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