Athens, Greece: Day Eight

December 24, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Today is one of those days when we did nearly nothing, but it is still too much to fit into one blog post. We went down to the Archaeological Museum which was closed for the holidays.

two orange cats curled up sleeping

We met up with these orange kitties during our espresso/hot chocolate break.

espresso, hot chocolate and two small cresents

We then walked down to the central part of town.

life sized nativity scene

At first when I saw Jesus was missing, I feared he had been stolen, but then I remembered it is Christmas Eve and he hasn’t arrived, yet.

two wise men and two camels

Yet, here come the wise men (two years ahead of schedule) with their camels (who appear to have escaped from the planet of the apes).

Then we walked to the central market. (Brace yourself, Kris – meat market ahead.)

crowded meat market

Where we purchased some very nice pork chops.

butcher block full of large pork chops

You can also get goat/lamb, rabbit, chicken, beef, and various organs.

showcase of pigs feet, intestines, stomach, and other organs

We also bought half a lamb/goat (not sure which, they look the same on the inside) and the butcher chopped it up for us.

butcher chopping lamb

large black dog walking alongside man

We met up with this very amiable stray dog who would have liked a little of what we had in our bag, but luckily was not insistent about it.

two pan flute musicians dressed like plains indians

These pan flute musicians were playing in Monastiraki square. They seem to be seriously confused about their Native American tribes. They are playing South American instruments, but are dressed and kitted out like North American plains tribesmen. But, I’m being picky.


One comment

  1. 1-those camels are pretty strange! 2-the chops were HUGE! Can’t imagine the pig they came from~and yes, I did cringe a tad. and 3-I get that way with people who INSIST that penguins and Alaskan natives go together with polar bears.

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