Athens Kittens

December 26, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Another part of our Day Eight adventure involved finding these kittens in an abandoned building.

a yellow and white kitten and a grey kitten

The kittens were adventurous, but Momma Cat was not sure we were trustworthy.

mother cat being very watchful

In the window above was another watchful tabby

tabby in a second story open window

Then he found something really interesting to watch. (Cat on the right, pigeon on the left)

cat in the window watching the pigeon on a nearby ledge

We were walking through a run down neighborhood. Just prior to discovering these kittens, DaddyBird had noticed a rather suspicious fellow following us. When we suddenly stopped to take pictures of stray cats, it put a kink in the guy’s plan. He actually stopped and had to act nonchalant for a while. He continued to follow us, so we played a little leap frog, stopping suddenly and changing directions and getting behind him. After we “lost” him, we continued to be watchful, in case he was not working alone. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something. Either way, DaddyBird’s watchfulness averted anything bad from happening.

Warning pickpockets, we stop for cats.


One comment

  1. now the stalking person part is scary! Stalking kitties is not scary at all-glad you guys were safe.

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