Athens, Greece: Day Ten

December 27, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

This was Boxing Day or the day for glorifying the Mother of God. Not much happened, but we had an amazing dinner at O Mpakalogatos restaurant on Fokionos Negri Street in Kypseli.

red merlot wine, bottle of ouzo, bucket of ice cubes

Drinks – red merlot wine, a bottle of ouzo (licorice flavored liquor) and a bucket of ice.

tiny fried fish and green salad

Appetizers – tiny fried fish.

Baked potato – paper thin slices of potato baked with a grated cheese similar to parmesan, like scalloped potatoes, but less messy. (not pictured)

Large bowl of mussels

A LARGE bowl of mussels. Some of these guys were overachievers on size, too.

At this point we were thinking “our table’s too small.” Then, way before we could finish our appetizers, our main dishes came.

french fries, tenderloin, baked tomato, grilled feta cheese, green salad

This tenderloin was so tender that when I gave a piece to DaddyBird to try, he asked if it was meat or butter because it was so tender. Truly melt in your mouth.

DaddyBird’s meal was a bowl, same size as that of the mussels, full of spaghetti with shrimp.

ceiling light fixture made of an upside down colander

(We liked their light fixture, too.)

The food was very delicious and the portions were large. Very worthwhile. We had a leisurely dinner followed by a leisurely walk home.

What are we doing on Day Eleven? Why a food tour, of course. Good thing we do a lot of walking.

(We have Matt Barrett and his terrific Greece Travel Guide web site to thank for helping us find O Mpakalogatos restaurant and many other wonderful things in Athens. If you’re planning on going to Greece, do yourself a huge favor and check it out! A tremendously helpful resource!)

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  1. love the doo dads dangling from the light! crystal sea shells are loverly!

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