Athens, Greece: Day Twelve

December 28, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Sun shining through clouds over a lake

Today we hit the road. We arranged a day trip to Delphi with George, the Famous Taxi Driver. It started with pick up at our apartment at 8 am (and ended back at the same spot around 5 pm). Costas was our driver for the day.

narrow street scene

We stopped briefly in Arachova, a mountain town that serves as the happening winter vacation spot for Greeks. Quite beautiful and amazing to see it clinging to the side of the mountain.

village on the side of a mountain

A short distance beyond Arachova, we reached the ancient site of Delphi, where the Oracle of Delphi presided at the Temple to Apollo.

stone stairs

Stairs. Why must there always be stairs?

Greek ruins with an imposing mountain behind

Seeing Mount Parnassus and the view of the valley from the temple site, I was beginning to see why someone might choose this location.

valley as seen from ancient Delphi

More stairs! There was plenty of stair climbing involved, but the views were worth it all.

more stone stairs

This is the central attraction, the Temple of Apollos.

ruins of the Temple of Apollo

Above the Temple is an amphitheater. DaddyBird gave an impromptu performance.

man standing on the theater's floor

There was even more up the hill, the stadium, but time was slipping through our fingers and we wanted to make it to the museum as well, so back down the hill it was.

sphinx statue inside a museum

My personal favorite was the bull. This was originally a three dimensional, life-size bull sculpture. The center was partially wooden and clay/wax. The metal was forged and then fitted onto the form. It must have been magnificent in its day.

metalwork bull

This model shows how the buildings would have looked in their prime.

model of the temple complex

Just down the road is the gymnasium and the bath house. This bath house was the first round colonnaded building. (Notice the olives in the tree?)

ruined round building

Then we were off to the current village of Delphi for a hearty lunch (earned by much climbing of stairs.)

current village of Delphi view

The water in the distance is the Corinthian Gulf. We had a marvelous day. The weather was perfect. Costas was a great driver and very informative about the history and the area. The food at lunch was terrific, as we have come to expect here.

For the rest of the pictures taken, click here.



  1. Greek food is a crock of crap, as my old papee used to tell us children!

    • Your papee was wrong. So was the guy who told us Greek food wouldn’t be as good as Turkish food.

  2. what an amazing place! I love the views you shared with us folks stateside and beyond~I would love to go and sit there for hours and imagine!

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