More Athens Street Art

January 2, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

graffiti that states waltz gigi with a face with a mohawk hairdo

Waltz, Gigi?

graffiti of a graffiti artist wearing a gas mask while painting the word fear

Fear is a prominent theme.

graffiti green faced guy wearing a skull and cross bones hoody carrying an orange club

I’m fairly certain that the guy above is about to beat up the guys below.

graffiti - two big headed smiley guys with balloons

They are just too, too happy.

graffiti of a man in a suit with caption waiting to die is a bitch

This one is a serious downer, but the technique is interesting.

painting of a blue girl on the side of a building

A rather ambitious, large scale piece.

graffiti incorporating a photograph of a girl in a hat

A cheery smile in an alley.

stenciled graffiti of a priest holding a bag of money and giving the finger

An economic/religious statement.

graffiti of a green monster saying argh


school covered in decorative graffiti

It appears this school took the initiative to cut to the chase and invite artists to paint the building rather than waiting to see what might appear randomly.

graffiti stating merry crisis and a happy new fear

An economic holiday greeting.

graffiti that looks like a quick response computer code

This last one is especially for Rupert. Can you read it?



  1. No! 😉

    Hope you have settled back into the routine of homelife. I have 🙂

  2. Query-why are they all in English? Or did you just choose the ones most of your audience could read?

    • There was plenty of graffiti in Greek, but since I didn’t understand the messages, I didn’t photograph them.

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