Basement Taverna

January 3, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

bearded man sitting next to a large wine barrel

You may remember the basement taverna from our food tour post. Nothing would do, but DaddyBird had to go back and have another meal there before we left Athens. We got a cozy little table right next to the wine barrels. The owner makes his own wine in these barrels. DaddyBird says it is the best retsina wine.

plate of yellow mash with lemon, peppers, olives and onions

A reprise of the fava mash (actually made with yellow lentils, we suspect).

a bowl of vegetable stew and a bowl of chick peas

We didn’t really order anything. They recognized us from two days before and automatically brought the fava mash, chick peas and vegetable stew. He asked if we wanted fish, but we had more than enough, so declined it.

open basement door and the kitchen area

Here’s a glimpse of the doorway and the kitchen area. The menu is limited – just three hot items, fried fish, and bread. We saw a variety of clients, from old Greeks to blondes in leopard print coats.

This is a gem, well worth a second visit.


  1. Good luck for your second visit, they do tables for four? 😉

  2. FUN!

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