Saint Sunday Chapel

January 6, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

small stone chapel

This lovely little chapel is in the Central Market area. We visited it twice. Once on our own and again with our food tour guide.

inside of the chapel

It is quite lovely inside with paintings of the saints.

ceiling with golden halos of the saints

The soot from the candles burnt over the years has obscured the paintings on the ceiling so that only the golden halos show clearly now.

box of sand with small taper candles stuck in it

Nearby, was a shop with religious supplies that the average Eastern Orthodox Christian might need. (I did not take a picture, sorry about that.) The wares consisted mainly of candles of various sizes, including some that can be purchased by the foot, as well as pictures of the saints. What was really interesting was the bins of seeds and grains. It is traditional to cook up a special mix of seeds and grains to be eaten after a funeral. So, there were bins of these and cloth bags that one could put them in.



  1. Orthodox churches are always so gloomy inside, possibly time for some Protestant cleaning rotas to be introduced!

    I recall seeing gloriously coloured onion domes of the Cathedral in Gorky Park, in Almaty, as seen through a snow storm from my hotel room. Once snow abated I trekked across, saw the brilliance of the domes, with the connecting golden chains, stepped inside to the all pervading gloom!

    The gloom was not only spiritual, all the attendees wore faces of doom, not the outside glory. 😦

  2. Interesting. I love Orthodox sanctuaries. Did you kiss the Icon screen? Thanks for sharing, I wish Protestant churches had a sense of history to match that of the Orthodox. The idea that you are joining such a vast cloud of witnesses from before to now makes my spirit lift and I am encouraged to seek after the peace of God which transcends all understanding. Keep posting and sharing please!

    God bless and keep you both!

  3. thank you for sharing the halo information-I was trying to figure out (before reading) what the horse shoes were doing on the wall. Silly me!

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