Where Pearl Oysters Go To Be Eaten

January 28, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Our visit to the Pearls Museum included persistent encouragement to have dinner at Akoya, the Japanese style restaurant also owned by RAK Pearls Holding LLC.

When the pearls are harvested, the remaining oyster meat is sent to the restaurant. In the past, when pearls were harvested by divers, the shells and meat were tossed overboard. Only the pearls were saved. The pearl farm is more environmentally conscientious and makes use of all parts of the oyster.

breaded oyster meats on a skewer

We started with a breaded skewer.

oyster meats in a green salad

A lovely salad.

oyster, tofu, noodle soup

Udon soup.

oyster meat shaped like a paisley

They use only the muscular part of the oyster, not the whole oyster which is what I’m used to. This is much more appetizing and it is like eating little paisleys.

oyster meat tempora on skewers

Just when you think they may have run out of ways to cook oysters – tempora.

one scoop of red bean ice cream, a cookie and apple slices

Ending with dessert – red bean ice cream, sesame cookie, and apple slices.

There were several other dishes. We were stuffed before it was all said and done. We ordered set meals plus a couple of other dishes. If you go, stick with the set meal. It will be plenty, trust me. Everything was tasty and prices were reasonable. Highly recommended.


One comment

  1. those are oysters I may be able to eat–the ones here are a bit much! (yes, I’m a weenie!)

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