Evening Stroll in Fujairah

February 12, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Here are a few sites from our evening stroll through one of Fujairah’s busy night scenes.

Decorative Fishes and Flower World store

Decorative Fishes and Flower World

Silky Mart store

Silky Mart and Electronics Sales, Repairing & Cassette Recording shops

Smart Garments shop

Smart Garments

New Vegetable Store sign

New Vegetable Store and Al Falah Hair Cutting Saloon

Sufi Bicycle Selling Shop sign

The Sufi Bicycle Selling Shop has a lovely row of touring style bikes all equipped with bells.

Regal Vegetarian Restaurant and Sweets sign

Regal Vegetarian Restaurant & Sweets

Mars Trading sign

Mars Trading

Nicy Roastery

Nicy Roastery



  1. Is it a secret knowledge that TRD stands for trading, not turd?

    • Tsk, tsk. An English teacher, like yourself, should know how to deduce meaning from context.

  2. made me giggle!

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