Sharjah Light Festival

February 15, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

DaddyBird and I spent a very pleasant Valentine’s evening seeing some of the Sharjah Light Festival sights. It was an evening well spent – that’s an understatement. We started at Al Qasbah. laser show on the side of a building

There are two displays. One is an amusing laser show. The other is a beautiful celebration of the UAE and it’s 40 year anniversary.

desert scene with camels projected on the side of a building

Camels travelled the length of the building.

palm trees projected on the side of a building

Date palms appeared.

illusion projected on the side of the building

I particularly liked the Trompe L’Oeil effect when parts of the building moved in and out as if it were a chest of drawers.

desert scene projected on the side of the fort

Next, we went to the Hisn Fort where we saw things from a falcon’s point of view.

colorful buildings projected on the side of the fortAnother amazing show including desert scenes and colorful buildings.

garden scene projected on the side of the fort

Refreshing garden scenes.

souk building decorated with fire

When we drove by the Central Souk, I said “It’s on fire!” thinking that it was another projected light illusion. NO! It was decorated in flaming pots. Fire, fire everywhere. The adjoining park was filled with flaming sculptures, water fountains, and avant garde music.

flaming water fountain

Here was a fountain that DaddyBird chose not to put his fingers in. Wise, considering that the water was steaming by the time it reached the bottom. The displays in the park were amazing. Some were tall chimneys that were glowing red because the fire inside was so hot.

We continued on to the Maghfira Mosque. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead by then. It was beautiful.

Don’t take my word for it. If you are in the UAE, get up and go to Sharjah to see this. It ends Friday, so you must hurry.


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  1. super amazing!

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