EAFOL Day Two & Three

March 11, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

man reading

Darren Shan read sections of both his older works and not yet published works. It’s interesting to watch a round faced, cherry cheeked man read about zombies eating brains.

woman holding paper for man

Dubai area poets, The Poeticians, read their own works. Hisham Wyne’s experimental piece required audience assistance so that his hands would be free (for his harmonica).

young woman reading poetry

The youngest Poetician, Farah Chamma,  wrote and read the most powerful pieces.

man reading

David Almond read from his new novel The True Tale of the Monster, Billy Dean. It is written phonetically, which I think I would find very frustrating to read. It was easy enough to listen to, though. 😉

husband & wife authors

Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham are a husband and wife writing team. She does the research and comes up with story ideas. He is the wordsmith. Their recent book, The Cloud Tea Monkeys (which I mentioned in the previous post) was illustrated by Juan Wijngaard, a painter of Portugese/Dutch decent who lives in the US. They spoke about their writing process as well as the contribution of the illustrations. They also shared another book that will be published later this year.



  1. wonder if phonetic reading would be easier for those who have trouble reading?

  2. […] editions, two titles per book) in the Demonata series. I attended a session by Darren Shan at the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. I decided to try his books, now I’m hooked. The characters are believable, well-developed, […]

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