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Grocery Adventure

April 29, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

grocery store aisle sign stating "shoes polish insect killer"

It is sometimes fun to see what irrelevant items are lumped together in the grocery store.

ethnic food sections - japanese, thai, mexican, russian

What constitutes “ethnic foods” in a French supermarket in an Arab country? Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and Russian. I was just glad they had fat-free refried beans. Yeah!


A Thing of Beauty

April 26, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

a matching pair of skyscrapers lit at night


Because We Can

April 23, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

skyscraper that makes a full 90 degree twist

Why build a twisted skyscraper? Because we can.

sign for StrongPlant Dewatering

One might think there would be little need of “dewatering” in a desert climate, but apparently not.

sign stating "safety is no accident"

“Safety is No Accident.” That’s pithy.

sign "think sustainable transport"

What is “sustainable transport” in a desert Opec country? Desperately needed, that’s what.

business signs for Hot Bread bakery and Mr Copy

Hot Bread – Bread Line and Mr. Copy.

sign boasting that the cupcakes are probably the most delicious

Hot Bread’s cupcakes may be the most delicious, but only probably.


The Stables

April 22, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

three story building with horse sculpture

We stopped into The Stables for an afternoon snack.

wooden tables make of barrels

The second story is a lovely pub decorated in a horse riding motif.

booth shaped like a horse stall

Including booths like horse stalls.

big screen

Being Saturday afternoon, there was football (soccer) on the big screen.

onion rings

DaddyBird was happy to discover that the onion rings were actually made of sliced onions. (There are too many fake onion rings in this town.)

apple rhubarb dessert

I had an apple rhubarb crumble.

empty dishes in the shape of a face

Even the dishes were sad when it was gone.

The prices were quite reasonable. Two beers, onion rings and apple rhubarb crumble came to 70 AED ($19.00 USD)


Lighting Up the Sky

April 20, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Two nights ago we were on our way home from the grocery store and saw something flashing, very bright, lighting up the sky. It was happening so frequently and at such regular intervals, we thought it might be man made. We actually turned around and drove back to investigate.

a lightning bolt

It turned out to be lightning. There didn’t seem to be thunder, until I realized that there were no individual claps, just a contant rumble. It was quite a light show and then the rain started. Lovely, huge, cold drops.


Al Fanar Restaurant

April 16, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

three people, majlis seating

Last Tuesday we met friends, old and new, for dinner at Al Fanar Restaurant at Festival City. This is a new restaurant that serves traditional Emirati food.

plates of food

First came the appetizers – robyan mashwi (prawns), koftat samak, balalit (sweet noodles with omelet) and lovely flat bread.

five people, majlis seating

(I wasn’t going to post this picture, but I figure if you stick your tongue out while someone is taking a picture, all bets are off.)

empty dishes and outstretched legs

We had a brief rest between courses.

bowls of food

Then came the main courses – samak magli, saloona samak badaweyah, thereed, and machboos dajaj.

glass of tea

Of course, there were several rounds of tea.

four desserts

Then came dessert – khanfaroush, asidat bobar, khobar khameer, and leqaimat.

The food, service, and atmosphere were all wonderful. Highly recommended.


Sharjah Archaeology Museum

April 3, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Our local vacation included a visit to the Sharjah Archaeology Museum.

showcase displaying ancient shell jewellery

The museum presents the history of Sharjah from the stone age up to 611 A.D. The museum is nicely arranged, fully bilingual, and multi-media. An audio tour is available and worthwhile.

diorama of an ancient house

Each time period includes a diorama showing a typical abode.

small golden figure

It is always amazing to see how delicate the gold work was in early times.

showcase displaying carnelian jewellery

In addition to shells and pearls, carnelian was a common component of jewelry.
petroglyph of a bull under a crescent moon

There are many petroglyphs in the Hajar Mountains. The stones develop a red pateena. Chipping this red layer off is a fairly easy way to leave behind art. The above image is a bull tied to a post under a crescent moon. The crescent moon is a common image in area petroglyphs.

bronze bracelets and shell beads and rings

These ancient metal bracelets are very similar to those used not too long ago.

metal sculpture of a man holding a bird

The two parts of this sculpture of a man holding a bird were found on two separate occasions and reunited here.

small mother of pearl carvings

Mother of Pearl gathered along with pearls was used in these carvings.

tiny gold buttons and beads

These gold decorations were amazingly small.

We recommend the museum. It is very well done, very educational, and well worth your time.