Al Fanar Restaurant

April 16, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

three people, majlis seating

Last Tuesday we met friends, old and new, for dinner at Al Fanar Restaurant at Festival City. This is a new restaurant that serves traditional Emirati food.

plates of food

First came the appetizers – robyan mashwi (prawns), koftat samak, balalit (sweet noodles with omelet) and lovely flat bread.

five people, majlis seating

(I wasn’t going to post this picture, but I figure if you stick your tongue out while someone is taking a picture, all bets are off.)

empty dishes and outstretched legs

We had a brief rest between courses.

bowls of food

Then came the main courses – samak magli, saloona samak badaweyah, thereed, and machboos dajaj.

glass of tea

Of course, there were several rounds of tea.

four desserts

Then came dessert – khanfaroush, asidat bobar, khobar khameer, and leqaimat.

The food, service, and atmosphere were all wonderful. Highly recommended.



  1. I walked past it today and was wondering if you’d been there. Now I know…loved the way the outdoor seating looked.

    • You should check out the inside also. Very nice!

  2. is it hard to get up off the floor after eating?

    • Honey, at our age it is hard to get down to the floor before eating.

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