Because We Can

April 23, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

skyscraper that makes a full 90 degree twist

Why build a twisted skyscraper? Because we can.

sign for StrongPlant Dewatering

One might think there would be little need of “dewatering” in a desert climate, but apparently not.

sign stating "safety is no accident"

“Safety is No Accident.” That’s pithy.

sign "think sustainable transport"

What is “sustainable transport” in a desert Opec country? Desperately needed, that’s what.

business signs for Hot Bread bakery and Mr Copy

Hot Bread – Bread Line and Mr. Copy.

sign boasting that the cupcakes are probably the most delicious

Hot Bread’s cupcakes may be the most delicious, but only probably.



  1. Dewatering, is that like De nephew and de niece? And did you try the cuppy cakes? AND have you gone in the twisted building? Is it easy to walk in? what shape are the rooms? This is just bothering!

  2. We did not try the cup cakes. One cannot go into the twisted building because it is still under construction.

  3. bother-this is really frustrating. I cannot imagine how one would decorate a room in a building like this one. The off balance kinda thing would drive me nuts!

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