The Elusive Duckrunner

May 2, 2012

Posted by Kanga,

red waddled lapwing - a water bird

For years I have been trying to identify this bird. Pooring over my bird books did not help. The trip to the Arabian Wildlife Centre finally answered that question. This is the red waddled plover or red waddled lapwing. A rather boring name. I, however, have been calling it the Duckrunner for years. On first impression, it looked like a cross between a duck and a road runner, hence Duckrunner. They should let me name birds.

Not only his species was hard to come by. Getting this picture was a challenge. Everyday when I came out the car he was nearby, but he is so skittish, I couldn’t get close. This blurry picture is the result of using my zoom function and cropping it down.


One comment

  1. It kinda does look plover-ish. But, Duckrunner is more interesting!

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