New Cinema

May 18, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

mall food court with tables and chairs but no restaurants

The Century Mall in Fujairah opened with just a couple of stores, adding a few more along the way. As you can see above, the food court is all set, except that there isn’t a single restaurant, yet.

large, colorfully lit cinema lobby area

The cinema opened recently. This is the massive and spectacularly lit lobby. We’ve been to this theatre twice now. The admission price is a little higher than that of the old cinema which is still operating. We think this might be why the talkative teenagers are still frequenting the old cinema. That is fine with us. We prefer to watch movies without listening to the drone of teens who CAN’T SHUT UP, even being told to be quiet. Don’t get me started… It also helps to go during the Middle Eastern dinnertime 8-10pm.

Avengers cardboard advert


One comment

  1. so…maybe the seating is for peoples on a diet? It looks very pretty, though-and I so do want that decor! I saw it in one of our theatres when we went and oh my oh my!!!

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