Pizza, Oh How I Miss You

May 20, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

In addition to Mexican food, it is also hard to find good pizza here. This is our latest attempt – Pizza Express.

pizza topped with six olives, some tomatoes, green peas

Yes, those are green peas on a pizza. Six, six olives!

meatball pizza

The crust was thin, soggy and floppy. The toppings were thin, too. It tasted okay, but was nothing to rave about.



  1. Yea I’m with you. There was a gorgeous pizzeria in Mirdiff but it shut down. Jamie’s does a very light pizza but it’s not my favorite. I hear Armani Cafe is very good but haven’t been yet. Otherwise, still looking 🙂

  2. oh dear….Peas? Jon would have kittens!!!! And it LOOKED pretty–kind of all symmetrical like. Can’t you just make your own?

    • Make our own? Sounds like work. Also requires a stove.

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