Nepal Kitchen House

May 24, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

We’ve been meaning to eat at the Nepal Kitchen House for a while. We noticed the small sign while driving by. On another day, we ventured into the building to check out what kind of business it was. It turned out to be a restaurant. (One can’t always tell by a business’s title what it actually sells.) A few more times we drove by on our way home from some other restaurant and said “oh, we should have tried the Nepal Kitchen House.”

cubed potatoes with parsley, rice with lentil soup and chicken

This is aloo jeera fry (cubed potatoes with cumin seeds and parsley) and chicken rice (lentil soup, rice, chicken in a sauce).

vegetable dumplings

These are vegetable momos (dumplings).

chicken dumplings

These are chicken momos (dumplings).

cup of tea

Our meal began and ended with tea. This feast was 42 AED ($11.50 USD).

small lighted sign

I’d like to know more about the building that the restaurant is in. The building still has several businesses in it, but it has fallen into disrepair. It may have been the first “mall” in Fujairah. There is an inner court with two escalators going up just one floor that clearly no longer work. The columns are covered in beautiful tile work. It must have been impressive in its day.


One comment

  1. what a lovely presentation-I enjoy eating, but having it be pretty is a bonus. And it is almost comforting to know that malls fall our of favor even overseas. I miss those over here-

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