June 18, 2012

posted by Kanga.

This is a long overdue post. I love sushi. One of my concerns about moving to the U.A.E. was whether there would be salmon sushi/sashimi available. It took us a while to find a sushi restaurant. The first was Sumo Sushi in the Garhoud neighborhood.

salmon nigiri, salad, maki, and sashimi

Sumo Sushi is very tasty and moderately priced. It used to be our regular Monday night dinner when I worked Monday evenings in Dubai.

variety of maki sushi rolls

The next good sushi we discovered was Bento Ya.

aji sashimi

Especially tasty is the aji (horse mackerel).

pieces of maki sushi

Our third sushi discovery is Scoozi. It took being introduced to this restaurant by a friend, because I was put off by the name. It seemed that the restaurant was apologizing right up front – “scoozi.” It is an unusual concept to mix Italian and Japanese cuisines. We haven’t tried the Italian entrees. The sushi is pretty wonderful and they have an all-you-can-eat sushi deal for 140 AED ($38.00) that includes salad, miso soup, sushi, and dessert.

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