Weird Shopping

June 21, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Here are the highlights from tonight’s shopping trip.

shopping carts in the return space

They seem to work very hard at keeping all the shopping cart returns full of carts. This seems very backwards to me.

men's shoes with Superman on them

Let’s take a vote. Should DaddyBird buy the Superman shoes?

free soccer fall with purchase of two bottles of mayonaise

Buy two mayonaise, get one deflated soccer ball free!

baseball cap made of camouflage material with a large peace symbol made of rhinestones

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a camouflage peace hat with rhinestones. What more could you want?

nike hightops, bright red with green laces

And, last but not least, get your Christmas Nikes now.


  1. yes to superman shoes, i like how they added a rainbow sticker to the split-personality-disorder hat

  2. love the bling hat! would go great with the sneakers-and the Christmas shoes…..WOW!

    • How many feet do you have?

  3. by the by-the soccer ball IS rather unappetizing!

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