Singapore: Day One

June 24, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

busy pedestrianized alley with lots of shops and restaurants

After checking into our hotel, we were off again to meet up with our friend, Adrianna, in Arab Street.

Mexican bar

We had some lovely nachos at this Mexican bar, Piedra Negra.

bar covered in mosaic tile work with a large bird sculpture

There is a lovely bar covered in mosaic tile work and a large bird (condor? quetzal? Quetzalcoatl?)

small lizard clinging to the wall

And a nice little lizard clinging to the outside wall.

Then we were off to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, A.B. Ah Meng Kitchen.

open air, alleyway restaurant

Where we had

prawns covered in salted egg and deep fried

Salted egg prawn ball – prawn (shrimp) with corn coated in salted egg batter and deep fried. Very tasty!

deep fried fish skin

Deep fried fish skin – just what it sounds like, fish skin lightly battered and fried until crisp. Tasty, but one of those things you know isn’t good for you in the long run. DaddyBird wants to go back for more.

vegetables with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Vegetable with Golden Mushrooms – which is not what I would have guessed by the looks of it. This was tasty also. (Tasty, my overused word of the day.)

mug of beer with ice in it

And beer with ice cubes.

cat curled up and sleeping under a motorcycle parked at the side of the street

Here is the first of what will be many cat pictures.

Then we toddled off to our hotel and slept and slept and slept some more.

(Apologies for blurry pictures. My camera was on the wrong setting which has been rectified and the pictures will improve.)

One comment

  1. you are right-the vegetables with the golden mushrooms does not look like what it says..except for golden! And did the fish skin remind you of home? fish, wrapped in foil and fried over the coals til done. YUMMY!

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