Singapore: Day Two

June 25, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Indian food

We slept late and went to a little restaurant next door to our hotel for “breakfast” around 2pm. For those not familiar with Indian food, the white thing in the middle is called idly. It is a plain bread that has a little zip in the taste similar to sourdough. The four puddles at the top are sauces to be eaten with the idly. They are all too spicy for me. The bowl at the left is a soup called sambal. It was a little spicy, but mild enough that I could manage it.  The bowl at the right is curd rice (like rice and cottage cheese together) and as long as I pick out the pieces of chili pepper, I can eat this.

small cup of coffee

We also had coffee. The whole lunch was more expensive than we expected. We are spoiled with our Fujairah prices. Each piece of idly was $1.65 (Singaporean dollars, $1.29 US). The total for the lunch of 4 idly, 2 curd rice, and 2 coffees was $19.35 ($15.14 US).

This was followed by a shopping trip into the Mustafa Centre which is a humongous shopping centre across the street from our hotel. It is, in fact, multiple buildings connected by under the street passages. You can buy most anything there if you are hardy enough to find what you are looking for. Surprisingly, it was easier to find a book light than a hair brush.

The shopping trip was so exhausting that it was followed by napping.

Next on our agenda was a walk back to the Arab Street area and dinner at Kampong Glam Cafe (Malaysian food).

mug of soda, ice, and small limes

Lime Soda

bowl of peanut sauce, hard boiled eggs, tofu

Gado Gado – peanut sauce, hard boiled eggs, tofu, and miscellaneous other ingredients.

noodles, chicken, garlic, onions

My non-spicy noodles (name of dish unknown) – noodles, chicken, garlic, and onions.

rice and chicken in a spicy sauce

DaddyBird’s nasi goreng (rice) with spicy chicken.

This was followed by a taxi ride back to the hotel and much more sleeping. We will try to do something touristy, eventually.


One comment

  1. Eating in Singapore IS the touristy thing to do-ain’t it grand?

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