Singapore: Day Four

June 27, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

deep purple orchids

I almost ended the last post by telling you what we planned to do today. I am glad I didn’t, because we had to scrap our A Plan for the day and then we had to scrap our B Plan for the day. So, here is what came to fruition.

First, DaddyBird woke up with an abdominal pain. So, we got a slow move and late start to the day. Too late for Plan A.

Yeo's Kim Leng Eating House

We stopped at this eating establishment and had:

parfait glass of yellow juice

Lime juice

two servings each of rice, sliced chicken breast, soup, hot sauce

Chicken rice – which is supposed to be the quintessential Singaporean dish – boiled chicken and rice. It is not as bland as it sounds.

clear broth with green onions, peanuts, lotus root

The soup had peanuts and lotus root.

We walked on to a shopping mall to follow the instructions of a friend (Shelina) who insisted we needed to try “food on a stick.” We did finally find the “food on a stick” and dutifully tried some.

DaddyBird was still not feeling too good, so we decided that Plan B would be to ride on the metro and just see where it went. We could do this air conditioned and sitting down. However, it became fairly clear that DaddyBird was probably passing a kidney stone, so Plan B was also scrapped and we headed back to the hotel. After some rest, he felt better, so at dinner time it was out again to the metro station.

metro train station

We noticed a good piece of advice on the floor.

flooring that states "read"

But it turned out to be a map of the river and Read is just one of the bridges. Still a good piece of advice, though.

riverside lined with restaurants

We ended up at Clarke Quay, a river lined with restaurants.


bridge over the river

This was our destination – Brewerkz, a rather large brew pub.

large building

These were our brews – Black Pig and Fruitbrewz (raspberry beer that does not compare to a McMenemins Ruby).

two beers

DaddyBird opted for the spicy whitebait (small fish) as an appetizer (which were not spicy after all).

plate of deep fried tiny fish

I ordered the edamame, not having read the menu description which indicated it was spicy. It was indeed spicy (who would do that to edamame?) so I spent time wiping the spicy bits off before eating it.


Then came the burgers. DaddyBird had the King Brew burger which had bacon, chili, onions, mushrooms and cheese. There was also a hamburger patty in there somewhere. He says it is the second best burger he has ever had, second only to the legendary Carolina Ale House burger of 2011.

large hamburger and onion rings

My burger, the Wallaby, was also hidden under an egg, beet slices, pineapple, bacon and cheese.

large burger and fries

We did not get away cheaply on this meal – $163.70 ($128.10 US). It was a pleasant splurge, however. Even the music playing was good – classic rock, alternative rock and decent pop. DaddyBird also reported that there was bluegrass playing in the restroom.


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  1. am glad Paul felt good enough to eat that super yummy looking dinner!!!! Hope he is better—Jon tried a sunny side egg on a burger once. It was incredibly messy and he opted for a hard cooked one next time. Am thinking I rather like the ‘Read’. I may try this somewhere—–

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