Singapore: Day Five

June 28, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

chicken tikka, malai kofta, onion pakora, naan

Yes, we are eating again. Every day, it seems. This is Indian food from a restaurant next door to our hotel. Chicken tikka, malai kofta, onion pakora, garlic naan, and butter naan. (Around $20.00 / $16 US)

old growth trees on a busy urban street

We ventured out by way of metro train and our feet. I love the trees here. Lovely, old growth trees with ferns growing in their joints.

bus stop covered with red octopi figures

This bus stop was covered in red octopi. Apparently, Octo is the mascot for a bank.

entrance to the bookstore

Then we reached the motherlode – Kinokuniya Bookstore. I brought three books with me (actually four because one is two books bound together). They won’t last me the entire trip. I have already finished two. So, this necessitated the acquisition of MORE.

sections of the bookstore separating fantasy from science fiction

The fact that they separate Science Fiction from Fantasy makes me love this bookstore even more. Lumping these two genres together is just dumb.

old growth tree with ferns growing on it's bark

Have I mentioned that I love the trees here?

food road in Singapore Chinatown lined with restaurants and food booths

Then, to Food Road Chinatown. Yes, I really did see a sign that said “Food Road Chinatown.” It is lined with restaurants and food booths. We had pork buns ($1.00 each).

pork bun with bite taken out of it showing the filling

Buddhist temple entrance

Then we walked past this Buddhist temple, which, according to the map, is Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple.

Buddhist Temple


Have I mentioned the TREES? Behind these trees is the Maxwell Food Centre.

food hawkers hall, food booths, tables

Food centers (or hawker centers) are roofed areas with many small food booths and most anything to eat or drink. This is where the best chicken and rice is, according to Adrianna and Anthony Bourdain (TV travel/food show host).

chicken rice food booth, long line of customers

There was a long line, a good sign.

two plates of rice, chicken breast, two bowls of soup, two glasses of lime juice

Here it is. It was cheaper than the chicken rice we had previously ($7.00 / $5.50 US for both servings). The soup, however, did not have peanuts and lotus root in it, just broth. It was not served with as many cucumbers, either. Tasted very good, but I did not see a significant difference from the previous meal.

We headed back to the hotel with our books for an early evening.


  1. How’s the Indian food?

  2. trees kinda remind me a tad of the ones in the NW-

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