Singapore: Day 10

July 3, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

tourist site seeing bus

We opted for an uncharacteristically touristy activity – riding the site seeing bus. Let’s face it, we’re getting old and walking everywhere in humid heat is a bit exhausting. This way, we got to sit in air conditioning, see the sights, and learn some details from the canned tour commentary that we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

colorfully painted two story buildings

We started on the Heritage route which took us through Little India, Chinatown, and other older parts of the city.

colorfully painted high rise apartment buildings

There is a lot of high density housing here. At least they try to make it attractive.

food stalls selling various foods

We hopped off at Suntec City Mall for lunch.

a large omelette and plate of rice, duck and pork

DaddyBird had the “white carrot cake” which is a big, spicy omelette with white radish and shrimp in it. I had char siew and roast duck.

cup of bright green juice

In the absence of lime juice, I tried the delicious celery juice.

bright yellow boat

Our ticket also included rides on water taxis, so we took another ride on the river on one of these.

three story shopping mall

We got off at the Marina Bay Sands complex. The complex includes hotel, shopping mall, conference center, casino, and probably more.

indoor canal with gondola boats

There is even a canal with boat rides.

lily pond water feature in front of the museum building

We were headed to the Art and Science Museum for the Harry Potter Exhibition. No photography was allowed, so you will have to imagine what we saw. I stood three feet from Snape’s costume, unfortunately Alan Rickman was not in it. It was a well designed exhibit, although it was aimed at a younger demographic than DaddyBird and I. The Sorting Hat sorted us – I am Ravenclaw and DaddyBird is Griffyndor.

potato skins appetizer with cheese, bacon bits, and dip

By the time we finished the sun was down and we were exhausted from a long day of tourism, so it was off to Brewerkz again for dinner. Above is potato skins appetizer with cheese, bacon bits and dip.

burger and onion rings

DaddyBird opted for the Cowboy Burger – bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce. I had the Bangers and Mash. I am certain that the sausages were good, but they were overshadowed by the cheesy mash potatoes and sauerkraut. I very nearly asked for additional sauerkraut. Yummy!

mash potatoes, two sausages, sauerkraut

Below is the sign that is posted in the area where the brewery vats are visible. We found it amusing.

warning sign showing one figure aiming a gun at another figure running away

I think they mean business.


One comment

  1. Jon loved the ‘protected place’ photo and says your blog is as bad as the food channel! It makes him very hungry!

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