Singapore: Day Eleven

July 4, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

display case showing pork buns

The day began with a metro train trip to Chinatown and pork buns.

two pork buns partially eaten

These were not just steamed, but also seared for a crusty outside. Tasty!

pigeons eating rice from an abandoned plate

These pigeons had found the motherlode in the food court and were eating as fast as they could.

people lined up at a food booth

DaddyBird chose his lunch based on the length of the line at this food booth without knowing exactly what he was going to get.

soup with fish balls and tofu

This is what he ended up with -soup with fish balls and tofu.

soup with noodles and greens

I got a similar soup with greens and noodles from a different food stall.

three towers with a structure across the top connecting them

Our tourist activity of the day was to go to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Towers to the Skypark observation deck.

man taking a picture of the sunset

We purposely got there just before sunset so we could see it in daylight and night time.

view of the road below from the observation deck

The view straight down (Kris this one’s for you.)

tourists sitting on the observation deck

This is what people think of the “Do Not Sit on the Deck” signs. Let me rant a bit here about how stupid it is to create a tourist attraction without places to sit down. It is really rude, in my opinion. Tourists are on their feet all day and deserve a place to rest, especially if you want them to stick around (and spend money).

Singapore Flyer ferris wheel lighted at night

The Singapore Flyer lit up at night.

skyscrapers across the bay lit up after dark

The view across the bay.

restaurant menu

Dinner included burgers.

burger with a lot of fixings cut in half

They claim to be healthy, but the only clarification in the menu or signage was that they are not prepared ahead and kept under a heat lamp. No claims of organic or low fat ingredients. No whole grain buns. So, there is room to improve the “healthy” factor. (Correction: DaddyBird says that whole grain buns were an option listed in the menu.)

burger with lots of fixings cut in half

It looks more like a Dagwood sandwich than a burger. The patty was savory, which seems to be hard to come by in my burger experiences.

chili, cheese, fries

The chili cheese fries also beg the “healthy” factor. They tasted good, but the chili was not hot enough to melt the cheese.


One comment

  1. 1-the BIRDS were in the food court? EWWWW. 2. Your lunch was prettier, Kanga. 3. That was VERY VERY high! 4. I agree. People need to sit down. Piffle on them..piffle. and 5. AMAZING view at night! (oh, 6. interesting dinner.)

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