Discount Store Expedition

August 4, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

We ventured out for an evening of discount store shopping. It is always an adventure.

entire store aisle of plastic dishes

Melmac, anyone?

entire store aisle with nothing but coffee mugs

The coffee mug aisle.

entire store aisle of glassware

The glassware aisle.

entire store aisle of facial tissues

Facial tissues, anyone?

brooms covered in ladybug design or black and white spotted cow design

How could you not want a ladybug or spotted cow broom?

toy sewing machines shaped like dolphins

Or a dolphin shaped toy sewing machine?

tiger toy

This one takes a little explanation (picture too fuzzy). It is a tiger with a lamb on it’s back. The lamb has a cat mask or hat on it’s head. In front of the tiger is a mouse who also has a cat mask or hat on it’s head. And, yet, we did not purchase this toy.

candy package with a cow and a large pail of milk pictured on it titled milko lacto

From the candy section, the appetizing “Milko Lacto.”

man with long red beard

But, of course, the big attraction of the evening was DaddyBird, whose beard gets the attention of everyone working or shopping in the store.



  1. I want the ladybug broom!

    • I thought you might.

  2. Not amused by the redundancy of ‘Milk Lacto’. Epic fail discount cow candy!

  3. I want a ladybug broom, too!!!!!! (and I could probably replace some of my Good Will store pyrex dishes here~)

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