Adapt or Die

August 13, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Our cats can be rascals. Unfortunately, they discovered that the dresser drawers come out AND they discovered that they can open these drawers for themselves. Suddenly the dresser became a playground and their favorite hiding place when strangers come around. This means cat hair all over whatever is in the drawers. Bert decided to kick it up a notch and he pulls clothes out of the drawers onto the floor to make room for himself. I’ve taken to putting anything I don’t want covered in hair or out on the floor into nylon net bags.

I tried putting a stick down through all the drawer handles hoping this would keep them from opening the drawers. However, it only slowed them down, making it so that they had to nudge all four drawers open at the same time.

white cat inside a set of dresser drawers

This would be why DaddyBird is attaching “child locks” to the drawers today. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

Then, Bert discovered the wonderful world of the false ceiling. Most of the ceilings are too high for him to reach and are cement, but the kitchen and bathrooms have ceiling tiles and conceal pipes and air conditioning ducts. Bert has always been a “tree dweller” wanting to be as high up as he can get including jumping up onto the top of the doors. He discovered that if he pushes up against the ceiling tiles he can cross over into the wonderland. However, getting up there is easier than getting down. It is not just a matter of clicking one’s heels three times. The ceiling tile usually falls back down, leaving him stranded up there. He has gone on enough expeditions that we now know for certain that the ceiling areas of the kitchen, entry way, hallway and three bathrooms are all connected.

Having gotten tired of the ceiling rescue routine, here is my un-elegant solution.

plastic sheeting taped up to the ceiling with duct tape

The air conditioning workmen had left behind a roll of plastic sheeting. It is now applied to Bert’s favorite access points.

tabby cat on top of cabinet investigating the plastic sheeting duct taped to the ceiling

There are still some access points that need to be “sealed.” We’ll see how this tests out first.

It is we who must adapt.


  1. True love! When one remodels to accommodate the kids/cats/dogs, you know where your heart is. (And it makes for great tales as well 😉

  2. I love it!!!!!! We finally re-locked our fixed cat door.

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