Because Sequins Just Weren’t Enough

August 14, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Black sequin gown with beads and rosebuds

The mall window displays never cease to amaze.

black sequin gown with a huge black bow

red and white polka dot tentacles

I’m not sure what Louis Vuitton is selling, but I found this off-putting.

large multi-colored flower



  1. Shopping for your #Eid outfit?

  2. there were octopus in the closing ceremony for the Olympics–odd and rather uncomfortable! And maybe the bow is on the dress to…..well, I can’t even think of a reason! Where would one wear these anyway?

  3. coming back to this–I do not get the floral bead thingy either. this MUST be uncomfortable to wear. Unless of course you have the bodice to hold the beads in place and don’t mind sitting on flowers.

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